Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tis the Season

I'm so excited for Christmas, it truly is my favorite time of the year. If I had to choose between my birthday and Christmas, I would choose Christmas (obviously).

My family jokes if anyone could have Christmas all year round and not get sick of it, it would be me. (I think their right).

I love buying the perfect gift for the special people in my life, but I don't want to break the bank. I've come up with some fun and inexpensive gift ideas and thought I would share.

1. Pampering Gift Box.
-The bath petals, pedi set, and "Sweet Dreams" sleep mask are all from Dollar Tree (Can you believe it?).
-Next I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond and found this great cooling eye mask (what girl can't use one of those), originally $5.99 on sale for $1.98.
-What would a pampering gift be without some aromatherapy, so off to Bath and Body Works, 3 for $10 travel sizes (oh yeah!).
-Stuffing paper was purchased at the Dollar Tree you get 20 sheets, steal!
-While still in the money saving mode I recycled my Birchbox. I held on to a few of them knowing I would use them for Christmas presents. During this time I'm always trying to find a small box to put presents in, this year I was definitely prepared.
-Then I wrapped up my little recycled Birchbox and it's ready to go under the tree.
Grand Total: $5.98 not including tax

2. Christmas Movie Night Gift
One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is drink hot cocoa, eat popcorn, and watch a movie. Every year we have a Christmas party, with some kind of goofy contest and of course there's a prize. I think this will be one of them this year.
-I adore this little snowman mug, I almost don't want to give it away. I got it from T.J. Maxx for $3.49, there were so many it was hard to choose.
-The hot cocoa, Coal Candy (so funny), and thin mints were all from Dollar Tree
-The Life Savers Santa candy was $1.50 from Walmart
-The wrapped movie I got from Amazon, and of course it's Christmas themed was $7.00
Grand Total: $14.49 not including tax

Some might not like the popcorn bags sticking out because it gives away the surprise, but I kinda it because it's different and gives it character.

What do you think; how would you put together a movie goodie bag?

3. The Stationary and little bit of everything Box
So for this third little gift I again recycled a Birchbox and I kind of borrowed their idea a bit.
This is a little gift for my mom, she loves stationary and flowers, but she also likes makeup and things like that. So I made a little variety pack for her.

-The adorable notebook and 'To Do' list I bought from Target for $1 each
-The L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lipstick was from Target as well for $7.99 (was tempted to keep it, love the color).
-The Flower pack was $0.99
-Bath and Body Works Wall Flower in the scent Leaves $3.00

-Candy in the foil wrappers was from, can you guess, the Dollar Tree.

This is kind of like stocking stuff gifts, but in a box.
Grand Total: $13.98 not including tax

What fun budget friendly gifts have you come up with?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Get More than Spooked this October

The hubby and I absolutely love the holidays and celebrating them to the fullest. So, I came up with some fun activities for October that won't break the bank and thought I would share them.

 Go apple picking at your local apple farm

Most cities have these and it's so much fun. We've already checked this one off our list. Usually these places have homemade cider, apple tarts, and apple pie, but if not it's still fun and you can make your own.
Apple pickin'

2. Have a game night with friends or family and enjoy homemade apple cider and pumpkin bread or other fall snacks

Game nights can be so much fun. We like to play loaded questions (you really get to know people's personalities) or Heads Up, you can download it onto your phone and it's absolutely hilarious. You're guaranteed to have a fun time.

3. Go on a hay ride and take lots of pictures 

I think hay rides are super festive for fall. I love all the changing colors of the leaves and it makes for the perfect photo opp.  Plus, they're usually free at the pumpkin patch.

4. Carve pumpkins

Once you've finished your hay ride you can grab your pumpkin and be on your way to carving the best pumpkin ever. Also, once you clean out the pumpkin guts lay the seeds on a cookie sheet sprinkle with salt and bake them in the oven (super tasty).

5. Get creative and do a DIY costume this year 

Sometimes you seriously get the best costumes when you make them yourself. I know buying them is so much easier, but look in your closet, weed through those clothes you don't wear anymore, and repurpose them. This is a fun way to use your creativity and save some money.

6. Put together $10 “goodie bags” full of sweets and daily necessities then donate them to a women's shelter

I think it's great when we can give back and there's just something about this time of year that brings it to the forefront of my mind. God has blessed my life so much and it only makes sense to try and bless someone else, even in the smallest way.

7. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon with friends. Turn it into a snack potluck, everyone can bring their favorite movie/ Halloween/Harry Potter treats to share 

Can you say chocolate frogs and butter beer? Any reason to get together with friends is a good reason. I love having themed parties or hang outs.

8. Exchange previous years costumes with friends then donate the rest to a charity or second hand store

This is fun way to get a new costume, save money, and also give back.

9. Go through a corn maze and try to beat the record 

I just found out my town has one of these and I can't wait to run through it, I'm so excited.

10. Don’t forget to plan a Halloween dinner/party. Have everyone bring something: food, drinks, music, decorations

We've started planning our Halloween party already. I just went shopping and bought a bunch of decorations. I'll have to post a little halloween shopping haul (I got some really good deals). 

11. Have a bonfire night with friends 

Some people think of bonfires as a summer only thing. Trust me, it's great in fall with the crisp air and roaring fire. October is the perfect time for everyone to gather around and share their best spooky campfire story. 

12. Volunteer to pass out candy

Most towns have a carnival for kids where you can volunteer or stay in and pass out candy bars from home. You're guaranteed to see some really cute kid costumes.

13. Go for a fall hike with someone special 

Leading up to the holidays can be hectic. Take a day and get out of the hustle and bustle of everything. I recommend packing some snacks, maybe some wine, and make it a picnic.

Do you have any favorite traditions or fun ideas for things to do this Halloween season?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Hello and Welcome to my brainchild.

This is my little corner of the inter-webs where I've decided to plant myself and talk about whatever pops up in my daily life.

I have a wide range of interests anywhere from super-girly to over the top tomboy. I'm obsessed with food--usually healthy, I'm addicted to coca-cola (but rarely drink it--so not healthy), and I have a love-hate relationship with working out, but I find the bright shoes and cute outfits help motivate me.

I also enjoy DIY. I did some for my wedding and found it fairly therapeutic. When I get the whim I like to be creative and make things you can't get anywhere else.

You'll find these and many more interests of mine along the way so stick around.